About Damas Supermarket

Damas Supermarket is a family-owned grocery store. It is a sole proprietorship that has been in business for almost 20 YEARS. Damas sells a variety of merchandise and cutler that meets the needs and demands of many ethnic backgrounds. The business aims to grow and continue to meet the needs of its daily customers. The family-owned business that helped shape and molds the business today. The owner has dedicated his time, effort, skills, experience, and resources. The effort was spent on helping the business development to grow to what it is today.

Damas Supermarket currently sells products that essential to a demographic made up of many ethnic backgrounds from various nations. That demographic consists of Europeans, Middle Eastern, Africans, and many from different parts of Asia. The main products sold consist of halal meat & chicken, spices, different types of bread, dry foods, and frozen foods.  We provide endless selections and brands that are produced worldwide in a convenient manner. With help of many different suppliers, we are able to secure a regular flow of inventory. The suppliers are always providing the latest and highly requested items that continue to help the business grow.

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