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Cedar Table Salt (Iodized) 1kg 

Iodized salt (AmE: iodized salt), table salt mixed with a minute amount of potassium iodide, sodium iodide or iodate, is used to help reduce the chance of iodine deficiency in humans. Iodine deficiency commonly leads to thyroid gland problems, specifically endemic goiter

Green Lentils 540 ML

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Cedar Green Lentils 540 ML

Green Lentils are a hard-to-find Lentil that are a beautiful deep fall green. These lentils contain a seed coat and are 1/2 cm. wide with a mild, earthly flavor. The Green Lentils texture is a bit firmer than most other lentils and hold their shape well when cooked...

Large Lima Beans

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Cedar Large Lima Beans 540 ML

Giant Peruvian Lima is a large, flat, cream colored bean about 1 inch in length. This Lima is also referred to as a butter, curry, Madagascar, lab, or Pole Beans, another reference is the Cape Pea. The giant Peruvian Lima has creamy texture and a savory flavor. The giant Peruvian Lima is native to Central America. This bean found its way to Peru several millennia ago. Spanish explorers brought the bean to Europe where it thrived in the temperate climate, the slave trade carried the bean to Africa where they are now one of the most important beans on the continent.

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Cedar Italian Peeled Tomatoes Whole  796 ML

The tomato comes form the plant family solanacee. Its cousin the eggplant, was in those times, the preferred fruit in the Arabic World. Today, with the exception of Italian (because the tomato is called pomodoro), the word "tomato" is similar in all other languages- seeing that is was derived from the term Aztec Tomato. These tomatoes are whole peeled

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