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Cedar White Kidney Beans 907g - 4 Lb

Cannellini beans are related to the Kidney Bean. Also known as the Italian White Kidney or Fasolia Bean. Cannellini beans resemble Kidney Beans in size and shape, but are a creamy white color. This bean is medium sized, kidney shaped, with a tough seed coat. The Cannellini has a mild nutty flavor and creamy texture. Cannellini Beans are associated with Italian cuisine. The Cannellini Beans are similar to the great Northern beans, however, they are larger and more kidney-shaped. This bean was originally cultivated in Argentina by Italian immigrants and later taken back to Italy where they are now grown commercially.

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Cedar Dry Pinto Beans 907g

The Pinto Bean is related to the Kidney Bean. This bean is 1/2 inch long; mottled pink and brown with yellow at the keel. The Pinto offers a full bodied, earthy flavor with a mealy texture. The Pinto Bean is used to make refried beans. The Pinto Bean originated in Central Mexico and is popular in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines.

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Cedar Dry Pink Beans 907g - 4 Lb

Pink beans are small, pale, pink-colored with a shape like Kidney beans. Commonly known as Mauve beans or Chili beans they represent a rich, meaty flavor with a creamy texture and thin, firm skin. When cooked, Pink beans turn a reddish brown. Pink beans are a favorite in chili, Southwestern and Caribbean style recipes. Use them as you would use Pinto or Red Kidney beans in chili and refried beans.

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Cedar Dry Mung Beans 907g

Mung Beans are small 1/4 inch, round, olive green, brown or black in color. The inside of a Mung Bean is mustard colored. When husked and split, the green Mung Bean becomes known in India as the Yellow Mung, Moong Dal. Mung Beans are used in a variety of forms; whole, peeled, split, or ground. Mung Beans have a sweet flavor, soft texture, and are easy to digest. These beans are sprouted to produce Bean Sprouts, which contain vitamin C, not found in the dry bean. Mung Beans have a long history in India where they originated though they were introduced to China many centuries ago. Mung Beans are the most common beans to be sprouted in Asia, Europe and America. Mung Bean Flour is used to make Bean Threads or Cellophane Noodles.

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Cedar Dry Lupini Beans  907g

Popular in the Mediterranean region of Europe, Lupini Beans are often found at Italian fairs and as an appetizer at Spanish beer halls. In the past Lupins were rarely used as a grain food due the bitter taste from the high alkaloid content of the bean. In the last 30 years a strain with reduced alkaloid content has been developed, called 'sweet' Lupins. This 'sweet' strain still requires soaking and extended cooking to remove the alkaloids. All this effort is worth it. The Lupins family of the grain legumes are one of the highest in protein content, second only to soy beans.

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Cedar Dry Light Red Kidney Beans  907g

Red Kidney Beans are medium size elongated beans. Kidneys are very popular beans largely because of its deep, full flavor and smooth texture. The Kidney is one of the most common beans in most kitchens; it is the basic standby for chili and baked beans.

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