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Red Rice 907g

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Cedar Red Rice 907g

Himalayan Red Rice has been grown in South Central Asia for many centuries. The Rice Paddies located in the Foothills of the Himalayan Mountains produce the most aromatic Red Rice. Himalayan Red Rice is also grown in France. Similar in shape to brown rice but with a deep rosy color, Red Rice contains more of the Natural Bran than does White Rice. For this reason it requires a longer cooking time and has a nuttier more complex flavor than processed White Rices.

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Cedar Perfumed Rice 907g

White Jasmine Rice is an aromatic long grain rice originally grown in Thailand, and similar to Basmati rice. With an aroma of popcorn and nutlike flavor this rice is an excellent choice for stir-fry, salads, stuffing, pilaf, and desserts.

Cedar Patna Rice 907g

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Cedar Patna Rice 907g

This mildly flavored rice comes from the Bihar region of the Ganges plains. It has a robust, long and narrow, opaque grain that keeps its shape well for curries. Basmati rice is closely related to the Patna rice but has a stronger aroma. Patna rice is the most esteemed in UK and USA and is the highest priced rice in the grocery stores.

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Cedar Parboiled Rice 907g

Parboiled rice is rice that has been boiled in the husk. Parboiling makes rice easier to process by hand, improves its nutritional profile, and changes its texture. The practice of parboiling rice is more than two thousand years old, and may have started in the Persian Gulf. Today, it is the preferred rice of many in the southern parts of the Indian Subcontinent.

Cedar Calrose Rice 907g

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Cedar Calrose Rice 907g

White Calrose rice is the name given to milled rice which has had its husk, bran, and germ removed. This is done largely to prevent spoilage and to extend the storage life of the grain. After milling, the rice is polished, resulting in a seed with a bright, white, shiny appearance.

Brown Natural Rice 907g

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Cedar Brown Natural Rice 907g

Natural Brown Rice has a wonderfully nutty flavor and firm texture. That's because the rice germ and bran layers are left on the rice. So it is higher in fiber and protein than regular milled rice. Natural Brown Rice offers great versatility and more variety to many everyday meals

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Cedar Brown Basmati Natural Rice 907g

Literally translated as "queen of fragrance," basmati has been grown in the Himalayan Foothills of India and Pakistan for thousands of years.  Brown Basmati Rice is a thin, long grain that is light beige in color.  Brown Basmati retains the outside Bran layer that gives it a higher fiber content and more predominant aroma than White Basmati.  Brown Basmati has a rich, nutty flavor and cooks up easily into separate, fluffy grains that have a firm texture.  You can substitute Brown Basmati wherever a recipe calls for Brown Rice.  Brown Basmati is an excellent choice when a fluffier, drier texture is desired and provides protein and carbohydrates as well as Vitamin B, which aids in digestion.

Black Rice 907g

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Cedar Black Rice 907g

Chinese Black Rice is a short grain Rice with a high gluten content making it perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. It is also known as Chinese Forbidden Black Rice. Chinese Black Rice is deep black in color prior to cooking and imparts a beautiful deep dark purple color after cooking. This Rice has a sweet flavor and a wonderful sticky texture. Traditionally served in Taiwan and mainland China as a dessert ingredient, in the West Black Rice is most often found served with main courses

Basmati Rice 907g

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Cedar Basmati Rice 907g

This Basmati rice originates from India's Basmati seeds. Prized for its aromatic qualities, this unique rice fills your home with the fragrance of popping corn while it cooks. The delightful popcorn fragrance and flavor is natural to this aromatic rice. Nothing was added to this rice and no special steps are needed to achieve this special aroma and flavor. It looks and cooks just like other long grain rice's. This is one of the most flavorful rice's you'll ever taste.

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